Smells  influence and affect our moods and thoughts. Smell is linked to our emotions.

The smell of dirty feet and I am swept back to 7th grade gym.  Forced to be ever aware of my changing body.

The smell of flowers and I am at easy.  I feel calm, cradled by the soft peddles against my skin.

The smell of cookies can take us back to childhood.  Perhaps like a hug, grandma’s smile. Or maybe the fear of a parent or some long forgotten trauma. Smell has the power to pull us back in time.  For better or worse.  Smell can anchor us in the present. Smell can trigger our hurts and pains.  Smell can bring us back to a hug, a time we felt love.

The smell of mint, enlivening. The smell of lavender calming.

We often neglect this vital piece of ourselves.  Complaining about the dog food plant I drive by daily to work. Delighting in Thanksgiving dinner as pumpkin feels the house.

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Thank you for reading 🙂



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