Whose culture?

Culture informs and affects how we process life. It is the filter that influences us. An excuse to judge and criticize .
As a therapist, I am all to aware of culture and it’s impact on my clients.  From the homeless and mentally ill at the crisis center to those doing their best to expand and grow on their soul’s journey in my private practice. 

Personally, as the white mother (of Scot, Irish, Welsh, Scandinavian and British decent) a half Native American child. How her traditions and culture are vastly different from mine . And how I best honor all her cultures. How do I support her and the struggles of her people? How do we create unity? And as a practioner of Ifa, an African spiritual tradition. How do I honor the experiences of those who have suffered? How do we come together honoring everyone’s cultral experience with love and acceptance? Without becoming defensive, elitist or seperate?

My everyday life is an ongoing exposure to different cultures and their beliefs. Each day I do my best to recognize how my cultural filters affect my judgement. I try to see with an open  heart and mind. To not judge or think that I know, because I don’t. I know I am informed by my experiences. I also know I  am honored to learn from others. That when we remain open, when we are curious, when we allow others to share who they are, we all grow. I do my best daily to love and accept everyone unconditionally. 

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Ps-sorry for any typos, a post from my phone which as a mind of its an own.  Ah, the culture of technology😉

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