What is Therapy


Welcome to therapy Thursdays- where every Thursday I talk about something therapy or self care related.

That feels like such a loaded question.  Therapy is subjective.  You will get different answers depending on who you ask.

To me, therapy is:

A place of deep and profound healing. Here is where you shed the old and embrace the new.  You work through pain and trauma, empowering it to be a source of potency and strength not a shame or guilt.

A place to be heard and seen as you. Uncensored.

A place to explore and process your life, your stories, your experiences, your beliefs. All that affects you and you on a soul level.

A place where you meet your shadow. Unleash your creativity. Connect to guides. Explore dreams. Find your voice.

A place to see what archetypes, myths and legends affect you and your life.

A place to explore your family. Your ancestors.  To heal family wounds and traumas. A place to honor your family. Your ancestors. Their stories which influenced your story.

Ultimately therapy is your place.  It’s a safe sacred retreat. Wrapped in magic and ritual. Held in unconditional love.  So that you can heal on a soul level. To be the authentic beautiful you, happy and whole.  And prepared for whatever life throws at you.


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