I feel like I’ve just been on a rickety wooden roller coaster at some pop up carnival. I’m trying not to lose the contents of my stomach.  I’m hot. My hands clamy. I’m trying to pretend I’m just watching a TV show,  but it’s so much more than that. 

How do people just vanish? Disappear into thin air? The marginalized people. Society’s trash.  The people we cross the street to avoid.  Look down to avoid eye contact. Fear that wherever illness has claimed their soul will reach out and claim yours too, if you get too close. 

These people, we so quickly judge. The homeless. The prostitutes. The addicts.

These people are people.  They are someone’s child, brother, sister, father, mother.  They are someone. 

And these forgotten souls, that we avoid,  we discount and throw away become victims.  They vanish. And no one cares. 

And I am sick with sadness. Someday, I hope and I pray.  That we stop judging and start seeing past the veil, the dirt,  the masks and smoke screens. That we start to see the person.  For when we tend to those we throw away, we stop throwing ourselves away. 

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  1. Very sound thoughts here. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting!

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