Personal Revolving Universes


It’s been the theme of the week, in my therapy practice. The crashing of universes.

I once heard a theory that we are all our own universes. Our thinking tends to revolve around ourselves. Some of us, content to be, spinning around. Some of us; explorers, looking to meet and engage with other universes. Some of us are conquerors; looking to see what we can take from other universes. And some universes are spinning out of control crashing into other universes. Causing unbalance. Causing chaos. Causing pain.

And what do we do, when someone else’s universe crashes into ours? How do we deal with all the different universes invading our space, our orbits, our worlds.

Take a deep breath.

Time for damage control.

Was this crash, personal? Do you and this other universe have something going on? Did you invite them in? Have you done anything to them? You need to be honest here. Have you offend someone? Hurt them? If so, was it warranted? Do you need to apologize? Be objective.

Was the crash, unexpected or from some unknown universe? Are you okay? Offended? Hurt? Angry? We are often upset when other universes unintentionally come crashing into us. Unaware of their out of control trajectory. Don’t take it personally. This is them. Not you. If you want, can you help them? Or are you better off getting out the way?

Pick your battles. Knowledge is power. Don’t just react. Stop, and take time to breath. To assess the situation. Does this situation really need your time, energy and attention?

Lastly, take care of you. Tend to your needs, like a parent to a child. Take time each day to care for you. Do something you love, everyday. Something that feeds your soul. Cook, dance, laugh, love.


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