Trauma Part 1- Types

We are a society of traumatized individuals. Lying and hiding our pain. Pretending it belongs to someone else.  Pretending it didn’t happen. Minimizing the experience. Forgetting it ever happened.  And still we hurt.  Still we suffer. We emote and emit. Push away and discard.
Trauma can be defined and something that causes injury or pain. What is traumatic for one person may not be traumatic for another.

Different types of trauma:

Physical– Any injury to the physical body.  This can be a car accident, active duty military, sports related, a fall, caused by assault or domestic violence. Anything that the person who suffers from the injury carries with them.

Emotional– Any injury to the emotional well being. Any wound that someone carries with them that caused emotional pain. Death, life changes, lose of job, inflected from parents, friends, family. Can happen at anytime.

Ancestral– The pain and injuries your ancestors suffered that impacted your DNA. That you carry with you today.

Past life– Some pain or injury that happened in a past life that someone subconsciously carries with them today. Often not even aware of the trauma. This can manifest in irrational fears. such as, fears of driving, or water, or certain animals.

Spiritual Masking– This happens when someone tries to compensate for the traumatic event, pain or injury through spirituality without address the trauma it’s self. They ignore the trauma thinking that spirituality will be enough to resolve the issue.

Shadow– Trauma can hid in the things we hate, dislike and judge.  It can show it’s self in these places and provide insight into the pain the person is running from and refusing to see.

Trauma is not usually just one of the above but a combination of the above. Trauma is like an open wound. You do not have to remember the traumatic event for the body to remember to hold onto the pain.

Trauma can manifest as anxiety or depression. It can appear as a fear or a startle response. It can come in flashbacks or nightmares. It can numb and dull the senses are create hyper vigilance and sensitivity.

Trauma doesn’t have to be a scary word. It doesn’t have to be something to run from. It can be a catalyst to healing. A stepping stone to enlightenment and a higher quality of life.

Stay tune for part 2, as I explore different healing modalities for working with trauma and ways you can heal.

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