Sadness- Therapy Thursdays

We run from her. I witness her chase people daily. Run after them, until she finally tackles them and wrestles then to the ground. Sitting upon them, playing type writer across their chest.forcing them to face her. Look into her eyes. Acknowledge her. Validate her. Hear and see her.
Most of us, including myself spend our lives running. Never looking back, afraid to turn around, afraid for if we did, we’ll be toe to toe, nose to nose, face to face. Never to escape.

We make her bigger and scarier. Fiercer than she is.

We know her pain. And we fear it.

And in doing so, rob ourselves of growth, true happiness and escatasy.

We fail to see her gifts. We deny them. As if her gifts are tarnished, old, second hand.

Afraid of we accept then, we will be swallowed.

We are fools.

For the empaths, such as myself, sadness comes as a tidal wave, a tsunami, devastating and destructive. I use to build shelter, hunker down and wait for her to pass,so that I could rebuild and mostly pretend that I didn’t feel anything.

What a disservice.

Sadness comes to remind us of our humanity.  That we feel the pain of other people, animals, the planet.  We feel their pain so that we may empathize and have compassion for them.  We feel their pain so that we may reach out and help them. We feel their pain to remind us that life is precious.  And that non of us are exempt from sadness’ visit.
Sadness comes to remind us about how idolized and cherished happiness is.  We relish in happiness.  Feel good in happiness. We falsely claim that we thrive in happiness.  However, most works of art, creations, and even in work we are working, we are dedicated, we are in the moment, we are focused. It is when the project is complete that we feel happiness. She is the balance to happiness. Part of life. She visits, to remind us, that all of our emotions are visitors. That they all come to visit and leave.  That each emotion is temporary. Nothing permit. Nothing lasting.

Sadness comes to remind us what we cherish most. What is important to us. For when we feel her, we have lost something, hurt someone, someone has hurt us. She comes to help us remember who we are and what is most important to us.

Next time sadness comes to visit.  Invite her in.  Do no slam the door in her face. Invite her in. Make her tea.  Ask her what message she has for you. Take time, cry. Write. Journal. Collage. Draw. Paint. Dance. Make music. Let her flow through you. Let her speak. What does she have to say? What is her message? Her lesson?

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