For it to get warmer… For my shift to end… For vacation… For business to grow… For a world based on unconditional love and acceptance   Check out more anticipation  

Moody-a haikuĀ 

Tedder todder thoughts Freak show featuring feelings Emotions a mess Check out more moody 

My Place

I find myself in the stillness of nature In solitude, in communion with the elements. In meditations, journeys and dreams. In those moments that I let go of trying to be who others want me to be, believe me to be, expect me to be. In those moments I am truly just me.   Check…

Fishing for…

information compliments lost memories love validation completion escape a better way a better life a way out get more here  

To the grandmothers I never knew

Dear grandmothers, I only knew you through vague stories told through the eyes of a heart broken boy. Or the long lost memories of a little girl. I mainly know you through pictures. The little girl. Whose life ended too soon. Even though you were sick, you always smiled. Thank you for the gift of…

New Horizons 2017

And there you have it! Career, healing, rest, retreat, healing and family!

Trauma Part 1- Types

We are a society of traumatized individuals. Lying and hiding our pain. Pretending it belongs to someone else. Pretending it didn’t happen. Minimizing the experience. Forgetting it ever happened. And still we hurt. Still we suffer. We emote and emit. Push away and discard


  Shared laughter The sunrise and sunset The sound of waves Being with those I love: family, lovers and friends Time, sleep, food, creativity, music, nature, the universe- whatever feeds my soul Moments shared and memories created  Check out more treasures here

Personal Revolving Universes

  It’s been the theme of the week, in my therapy practice. The crashing of universes. I once heard a theory that we are all our own universes. Our thinking tends to revolve around ourselves. Some of us, content to be, spinning around. Some of us; explorers, looking to meet and engage with other universes….


Fear that wherever illness has claimed their soul will reach out and claim yours too, if you get too close.