Scent has the power to transform, transcend and transport mind, soul and sense to other times, places and people. Scent has the power to toy with our memories. Scent can transport us to a place in our past.  Some scents hold positive thoughts and memories.  Others pain and trauma. Interesting how just a certain smell…


Automatic like my car engine Same day, same thing Trudging through each day on automatic Stuck on repeat like a broken record Today, can be different It will be different Today is the day You go a different way Stop to relish Watch Partake Today is the day You take control check out more daily…


Our filters are how we interpret or worlds,  our surroundings, environment as well as, our experiences, interactions and feelings. Our individual experiences,  nature and nurture affect our filters. Our family’s stories, beliefs, traditions, experiences affect our filters. Our friends. Work. Media. Beliefs. Religious choices affect our filters. And our filters are flexible. Changeable. It’s all…

Therapy Thursdays: Surviving emotional times

As I sat down to write this, I was sure the internet would be full of articles to help, in light of the increased violence in the news.  And yet, there was barely anything.  Really?  No resources for others who are in pain and suffering? Those who are outraged? No resources to help? Yes, there…

10: an apocalyptic hiaku

Tens of millions more Destroy, demolish, deceased nature overflows Check out more daily prompts  


My thoughts fill with the creative color play of photography. And then as people, our exposure to others. Their way of life. Their beliefs. Dreams. Hardships. In the end, we are all in this together.  Exposure creates knowledge. Stirs and invokes emotions. From that we can create understanding and love. Check out more Exposure on…

Some day

Some day, I’ll return, some day I’ll once again sit among the tree trunks Play in the water Reflect Conjure A tearful, heart full of gratitude  I leave under the full moon Ready for ritual, magic and dreams Check out more daily post

You matter- Therapy Thursday

There are times in your life where you are going to feel like you just can’t take anymore.  That you just want to stop the pain.  End it because it feels like it is never going to stop, that is just going to keep coming.  The voices in your head that tell you- You are…

Ripple effect- Therapy Thursdays

  I love group work.  I love holding sacred space for people to come together and share, to talk, to communion, to grow, to heal, to be seen and heard. And today, I was blessed to host a group supporting people’s chosen path in life. Gorgeous! And what came up? Lack of community.  Needing communion….


Stop. Walk. Flash. Dictator. Life. Control. Check out more daily prompts

Super powers

Wielding words of wisdom Compassionate communion Time traveling traveler Fabulously funny and fun Innocent admiration and astonishment Fiery freedom fighter Tenacious tanker Calm, composed, content Delving, diving deeply Delighting dancing dark Magical alchemy mighty metamorphosis  Creative capers Check out more discovery challenges


Our inner landscapes Dreams: waking, sleeping, day Hopes Aspirations Demons Guilts  Fears The thoughts that drive and hinder  Who is behind the wheel today? Seedy taxi driver, driven mogul, mother, father, child, magician, witch, persecutors, judge? The emotions That ebb and flow like waves and storms Happy, sad, angry, lost, confused, fear, escatasy  Our interiors…