Ripple effect- Therapy Thursdays


I love group work.  I love holding sacred space for people to come together and share, to talk, to communion, to grow, to heal, to be seen and heard. And today, I was blessed to host a group supporting people’s chosen path in life. Gorgeous!

And what came up?

Lack of community.  Needing communion. Finding community. Finding communion.

The other thing that came up was the ripple effect.  Funny how the universe works. I was watching Abandoned the night before, and the host asked, “what ripple effect will you make?” And this stuck with me.  What is my ripple effect?

And I asked you…

What is your ripple effect?

What effect do you have, create, everyday, each step?

What are your intentions? What do you want to create?

Do you sulk? Stomp around angrily? Are you living in your own bubble?

I encourage you to take time, revisit these ideas.  What is your ripple effect? And what do you want it to be?

We can create community. We can find communion.  We can create a better world. One ripple at a time. You have the power. And when we positively set our intentions we feel better. Happier. More productive. Inspired.

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