Scent has the power to transform, transcend and transport mind, soul and sense to other times, places and people.
Scent has the power to toy with our memories. Scent can transport us to a place in our past.  Some scents hold positive thoughts and memories.  Others pain and trauma. Interesting how just a certain smell can take us back.


The smell of cigars, turkey roasting, and certain perfume takes me to my childhood. What about you? Is the smell of a certain food?

Scent reminds of people. A certain perfume. Cologne. Foods. Flowers. It can be anything. Smells know no bounds. For me, the smell of horse remind me of my father. A certain perfume my grandmother. And you?


Scents can relax, inspire and move us. Scents collaborate with our emotions. Working together to create a state, an emotion or feeling.  Allowing us to express ourselves. To move through life. To surf the ebb and flow. Smell can calm and relax, allow us to meditate and enter alternated states. Or help us ground and remain centered.


Aromatherapy is a wonderful way to tap in the magic of smell.  Lavender to relax, pine to ground. Cinnamon to inspire. What smells influence your emotions?

Scents have the power to enhance our experiences. They tie our perceptions and emotions, moment by moment together. Scent is the tie that binds. She is often forgotten has we perceive so much through sight, through hearing and feeling. And when we eat, taste. Forgetting that our sense of smell is with each and every experience. She adds a layer of depth. Richer content.

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  1. Lanea Skye says:

    Thanks very kindly for the ping back. Have a lovely Sunday 🙂

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