In this ever crazy world.  I have to stop. I have to be. I have to recognize:

The beauty

The wonder

The awe

The light in you-even when you push past me, cut me off, glare or any of the many ways, you may behave that puts me off, upsets me, irritates me, angers me, cause me to react to you and sometimes judge you.  This is when I need to stop, take a step back. Remember.  We are human. We are doing the best we can. That we all suffer. Feel. And that even if I or you cannot see it and cannot feel it- it is there. The light. The beauty that is your soul. Because everyone is a teacher. Everyone is a mirror. Everyone has a gift to be celebrated. I recognize you, see you, hear you, thank you and celebrate you!  I recognize the light within, the beauty within.


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