I use to put people who I believed were intuitive on a petal stool.  Believing that they knew more than me.  That they had some inside knowledge that I did not possess. I did not dare to claim such a super power. Who was I to think that I was better than others? That I held some secret knowledge? That I could peer into the souls of people and tell their secrets and fate.

Person after person I spoke to, pointed out how intuitive I am. How and where it flowed from me.

So then, who was I not to claim my intuition? Intuition didn’t make me better than others. It didn’t provide me with some inside track, that others could not access. I wasn’t looming inside the minds of people.

I didn’t understand. I didn’t lean in. Until I couldn’t ignore the calling. I couldn’t pretend. I had to own who I am.

I am intuitive. It comes to me naturally. It’s something I cannot turn off and on. Even though for years I thought that that is how it worked.


For me, the information is just there. It is a knowing. It’s not a tapping. Or pulling. Or searching. It’s just there. And it flows naturally.  Like a river.

And I realized, yes, it just happens. It’s not something I create. It’s something that helps me. When I sit with people, in their stories, their muck, their darkness, their pain. My intuition guides me like a lantern in the dark. It shows me where to look, where to dig. What to leave alone. Where to tend to first. Areas to explore. Factors to look at. It is how I lean in more. Facilitate healing. It is how I help people heal. To feel complete and whole. To claim their super powers. To change the world. To free themselves. To claim their happiness and lives.


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  1. nathaswami says:

    Intuition takes place when the mind rearranges the facts unconsciously and arrives at the answer or solution without much effort. One need not be extraordinarily intelligent to be intuitive. An average person could also become intuitive by training.

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