Monday Psychosis or spiritual- an on going investigation

Working in a Crisis Stabilization Unit I see and hear, fascinating stories of the struggles of life. In the clinical world, the way in which people handle trauma and pain is through disassociation and psychosis. However, I always wonder is it really that? Or is it more?

As an intuitive therapist I do not go directly to mental illness, I look at how the person has responded to tragic events and circumstances. I work with the person to delve into the origins of their emotions. The experiences and responses that created the issues they are trying to heal. And this includes the spiritual. Are we dealing with karma? Ancestor wounds? Past lives? Energy? Ghosts? What spiritual and supernatural issues are at play, affecting the  mental state and how do we heal them?

I struggle with what I believe and what the clinical world believes. The clinical world always seems to first go to mental illness and disorder. I sense that clinical world does not want to explore the supernatural or spiritual. Is it still too taboo? Have we become so disassociated as a society that we automatically believe that our symptoms are due to mental illness?  Is it that we are disconnected from our souls healing, that we would prefer a band aid of medication than to heal. I am not discounting mental illness, the human psyche is amazing and resilient. I just don’t always believe it is the right course of action. There has to be a place for spiritualism, energy work, shamanism in our treatment of mental illness.

Join me each week as I explore the relationship between tradition mental health treatment and treating the whole person through metaphysical means.

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  1. nathaswami says:

    Very interesting indeed. I’m waiting for more.

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