Fractured (Therapy Thursday)

When the soul endures more than it can fathom.  When the psychic can no longer remain intact.  The soul and psyche splinter, split and break.  Leaving pieces of ourselves behind.

For some, different personas emerge to maintain. To keep the body intact. Each serving a role or function.

Each entity breaks through the veil of the ego or fog of the body- crying for help. Each voice shares glimpses into the soul. The psyche. The trauma. And then the door closes. The eyes fade and the body shuts down.

The most severe cases would be labeled Dissociative Identity Disorder. However, it happens on a smaller level too. We dissociate to preserve ourselves. We disconnect and compartmentalize. We forget. Become reactive. Angry. We swallow our emotions and bury them deep.So insignificant that we, the ego, does not notice. The pieces we have left behind. Abandoned and lost.

We feel incomplete. Lost. Unhappy. Not ourselves. and no way to explain why. Because we have lost pieces of ourselves. Discarded them, as to not deal with the pain. Easier to wander broken than not at all. And when we do this, we leave ourselves open and exposed, vulnerable.

We can heal. We can find our lost pieces. Bring them back with unconditional love and acceptance. We can be whole!

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