Funny how we, I, you

Can long for a place, we have never been

Or only grazed by

The feeling that pulls us, draws us, calls and beckons

Visits our dreams and whispers our names

Funny, how we can yearn

Feel homesick, melancholy

A cry

A stirring

To a place to return home that might not really be home


Those places, unfamiliar yet familiar

Those places that tend to the soul

The home of ancestors

Past lives

The places the mind has long forgotten, misplaced and thrown away

For those places do not belong to the here and now

They belong to another time

Another incarnation

And yet the soul longs

To return


To collect what was lost, misplaced and throw away

The soul needs to reclaim

For this person, this lifetime

To remember

The joy, the love, the pain, the sorrow

To honor the journey, the struggle and success

To just be

In the place you were before


To learn, to grow, to expand

Each lifetime



Building off of the last

So that you can shine, in all your magical beautiful awesomeness!

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