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Birth of a reluctant psychic

When I was a child I spent hours sitting at the base of the stairs to my parents bedroom. The hall was wide and painted peach. There on the wood stairs I would sit and talk to the the lady. I called her the lady in the hall.

Knackered- a hiaku

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Wolves and Dragons came for tea

Blessed bliss brought by the breeze Jasmine and violet Shimmering rays of sun Glistening off blades of tall grass The sway of nature In rhythm Like breathing The dirty white eyelet and floral mesh lace dress with ribbons traveling waves of current Onyx starless hair twinkling amethyst emanations Innocent imagination Wolves and dragons came for…

Nightmares and the manifestation of fear in dreams- Therapy Thursday

And so it happened again. The nightmare that comes every so often shaking you to the core. Or perhaps it’s THAT dream. The one that haunts you throughout your day. Wither nightmare or dream, you cannot shake the images and no matter how hard to try, you still feel unsettled.


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Gray- A haiku

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A dream- Psychosis and Spirituality

I had a profound dream. Neo from the Matrix- looking very Men In Black.  Was psychosis and he said to me, “It’s all relative.” Psychosis is all relative. How we see the world is all relative. How we interact is all relative. Spirituality is all relative. Life is all relative. Mind blown. I have spent…

Empath’s Tool Kit- Therapy Thursday

Tools to help: 1.     Know you. Awareness and acknowledgement. Listen to your gut.  Address your needs.  It is easy to become a sponge sucking up everyone’s emotions and losing your own.  Know when you are overwhelmed.  Know when to set boundaries.  Know when you need time to decompress and sort through the web of emotions…

Dream Tending- Therapy Thursdays

I was going to delve into anxiety. As it seems to be ever pervasive in our lives. However, I wanted to dance with dreams. A space of creativity and messages. A lighter space, full of hopes and dreams. A place of inspiration and motivation. A place to pull you out of reality and give you…

Possession (Psychosis and Spirituality)

How do we define psychosis? According the Merriam Webster, psychosis is, “a serious mental illness (such as schizophrenia ) characterized by defective or lost contact with reality often with hallucinations or delusions” How do we define spirituality? According to Merriam Webster spiritualism is, “the view that spirit is a prime element of reality.” Not very…