Can’t Say Haunting (Part of Psychosis and Spirituality)

The other night at work (the Crisis Stabilization Unit) a client awoke from a bad dream. It was extremely windy with rain and snow. The wind was audible. Whistling and moaning through the old building. It was unnerving, as if someone was with you. well, in this building that is almost always the case, some unseen energy (most likely ghosts, trauma energy left behind) roaming the halls. However the wind made the evening even more eerie and unsettling. To make it worse, the building lights would flicker on and off to the soundtrack of howling wind.

Unfortunately, one of the patient couldn’t sleep. She had a bad dream. She felt like the  building was haunted. Which it is. Even though, I cant tell her that. She felt like she was being watched.  None of this helped the voices in her head. This made the voices louder and she struggled to stay grounded in reality.

Now, had I been in my practice. I would have explored her experience with the voices and the feeling of ghosts. This is rich stuff. Treasure is berried here. Metaphorically and energetically. I would explore the ghosts with her.

Is it ghosts? Memories? Ancestors? Energy? Pain? Trauma? A haunting? Imagination? Emotions? An emotional wound? Past life? A mix?

In practice outside of the CSU (Crisis Stabilization Unit) I would have shared with her ways to clear herself and her space with words, crystals, herbs, smoke, sound, water and sprays. Ways to claim to herself and her space. Intentions to set. Reiki to clear and remove any energetic obstacles. We would do a visualization to help keep her space clear, uplifted and safe. And then we would see how she felt the next day. To see how she felt. What we cleared up. What still needs to be addressed.


Not here it’s a manifestation of her mental illness. It’s the voices. Even when i know part of it is ghosts.

And when she says she can’t sleep because of the energy of the room. It’s psychosis. It’s not the ghosts or the energy.

Where does the trauma, wounds and hurt bleed into reality, leaking from our bodies, creating physical and mental symptoms? Where is the line between spiritual and mental illness? The two play wicked games together, feeding and fueling each other.

Treating both heals the soul.

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  1. nathaswami says:

    Excellent article. Want more.

    1. Thank you! Every Monday ☺

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