A dream- Psychosis and Spirituality

I had a profound dream.

Neo from the Matrix- looking very Men In Black.  Was psychosis and he said to me, “It’s all relative.”

Psychosis is all relative. How we see the world is all relative. How we interact is all relative. Spirituality is all relative. Life is all relative.

Mind blown.

I have spent days digesting this.


I remember reading “Girl Interrupted” by Susanna Kaysen. Where she writes:

Mental illness seems to be a communication problem between interpreters one and two. An exemplary piece of confusion: INTERPRETER ONE: There’s a tiger in the corner. INTERPRETER TWO: No, that’s not a tiger— that’s a bureau. INTERPRETER ONE: It’s a tiger, it’s a tiger! INTERPRETER TWO: Don’t be ridiculous. Let’s go look at it. Then all the dendrites and neurons and serotonin levels and interpreters collect themselves and trot over to the corner. If you are not crazy, the second interpreter’s assertion, that this is a bureau, will be acceptable to the first inter-prêter. If you are crazy, the first interpreter’s viewpoint, the tiger theory, will prevail. The trouble here is that the first interpreter actually sees a tiger. The messages sent between neurons are incorrect somehow. The chemicals triggered are the wrong chemicals, or the impulses are going to the wrong connections. Apparently, this happens often, but the second interpreter jumps in to straighten things out.


The tiger and the bureau. It’s all relative. What we see. What we think. How we perceive. How we interpret. And if it’s all relative then don’t we have the power to change our reality? To decide if we see the tiger or the bureau? To decide the quality of life we want to live. Is it that we need to awaken from the matrix, to realize our potential to create and manifest. To be what we dream to be.

So, today’s psychosis and spirituality is short and sweet as you ponder how everything is relative. (and perhaps in the future, I’ll expand, as I grow and learn and understand how it’s all relative).




One Comment Add yours

  1. nathaswami says:

    You have so lucidly explained it that a lay man like me could understand it easily.

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