The haunting of our children- Psychosis and Spirituality


What darkness, what shadows loom over our adolescents?

I have experienced and witnessed the lure and seduction of shadowy figures. The call of the occult and phantom fever.

Our children desire to find themselves, to be independent, and deal with the eagerness to escape the world that never sleeps, that never stops. They are forced to accommodate the need to comsume media in all its digital forms, like addicts.

It’s no wonder our youth are breaking under the pressure. Lost and confused. In a demanding world of mixed messages and the frenzy to fit in.

We are suffocating them in our media culture and the command to constantly consume.

Tbis energy leaves them open to metal illness, psychosis and spiritual dilemas.


Is it Slender man or some lower vibration energy calling it’s self a friend that prays on the young by entering through creepypasta and urban legends. Highlighted by Hollywood horror movies, anime and pop culture  (all things I too love and I too have fallen victim to the power of imagination and the whims of entergetic vibrations).

Again,  I pose the question when is it spiritual and when is in mental? How do we separate this dysfunctional couple that feeds each other?

We work with the soul. I know the power in soul work.

Exploring the rich stories. Indulging the imagination. Let fantasy flourish. For now. Explore the themes. Existential undertones.  The symbolism.

Beat the drums. Burn the sage, palo santo and copal. Clear the person. Clear the space. Call back the pieces of soul lost to trauma and pain. Call in the guides and ancestors.


Now. Re-evaluate. Is mental illness and psychosis still present?

Then consult the exorist, call the psychiatrist.

I can’t tell you what to do. Each person is different. I have encountered the hungry energies desperste for a host. Some malignant and some malicious. I have witnessed the power of clearing. Benefited and assisted in soul retrieval. Sat in imagation and worked through life.

Some people feel medication is the only way. I respect that decision.

It’s what you believe will heal your soul.

Note: I have worked with children as a therapist in private practice, as a counselor in a youth mental treatment center, as a case manager, babysitter and parent.  

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  1. nathaswami says:

    The spirit world is kept alive by the horror movies.

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