A Healer, A Shaman and A Catholic (Psychosis and Spirituality)

I was blessed to be able to interview a few people about their thoughts and feelings about psychosis and spirituality.  Here is what I learned:

Robin Wiggs the phenomenal healing owner of Alchemy of Light.

Robin makes these amazing elixirs. 
My spiritual beliefs:  I was brought up in a Christian home and while, even as a child, many of the teachings did not ring true for me. It has taken me most of my adult life to come to terms with that but the more I went deeper int Energy Healing and than Shamanic work it became easier. As I worked with and came in the presence of God, or Source, it was easier to move away from those conflicting messages taught to me as a child.
Do I believe in mental illness: absolutely
How do my beliefs define mental illness: from a Shamanic perspective, mental illness is a loss of ‘self’. A disconnect from Source.
What do I believe causes mental illness and how do those beliefs influence my opinion: I don’t deal with severe mental illness as a rule, it’s beyond my abilities and scope of practice. I do believe there are degrees of mental illness, any of these could be Soul loss, possession, curses, etc. Because I don’t have a full understanding of mental illness, I also feel sometimes there is an actual physical condition that can cause it. It may require traditional means to stabilize it but can also benefit from Energy Healing or Shamanic intervention to help restore the self.
How do my beliefs influence how I feel, treat mental health, illness: again, that is out of my field. A severe case I would refer out. On the milder side I would treat as I do all clients, with compassion, acceptance and the techniques/treatment I am guided to offer by my Helping Spirits as well as the journey the client wishes to take.
Do my beliefs offer a cure, treatment: again, treatment for someone severely mentally ill is out of my scope of practice but since you asked, is there a cure or is it more an awareness of and evolving of and reconnection with the self? On the milder side of mental illness, yes my treatments would offer a shift, or a cure if you will. Keeping in mind I offer the treatment, the work is up to the client.
Do I believe in possessions, exorcisms: possessions, absolutely. exorcisms not sure on that one as I’ve never witnessed one. The technique I use is called Compassionate Depossession, honoring the possessing spirit and guiding it to its own light.
Amazing artist and shaman Katherine Skaggs.
Katherine teaches drum making, this is my drum I made at one of classes, Luna Rose.
What are your spiritual beliefs? Everything is energy, everything is Spirit, everything is alive, and Spirit imbues everything with consciousness. All is well even in light of when it looks terrible. This is a big projection of our consciousness, and when we awaken to the idea that we are dreaming this reality, we can wake up in the dream. I didn’t say it is easy. Yet, with practice and focus and grace, we can pierce the illusion of the 3-D reality to discover all is light and all is Spirit.

Do you believe in mental illness, psychosis, schizophrenia, bi polar, other dissociative disorders,  etc.? I don’t “Believe” in mental illness per se’. However it exists by definition of the conditions and symptoms people are experiencing. This is a distortion of energy expression. If we are indeed dreaming this reality, then mental illness and all labeled above is part of the dream.

How do your beliefs define metal illness? Mental Illness is a distortion in pattern, creating an experience that is out of harmony.

What do you believe cause mental illness and how do your beliefs influence your opinion? There is a good likelihood that this “distortion in patterning” and lack of harmony has been created as a result of a trauma that has been not been cleared from the energy and experience… whether it be in this life, or in another life/time/space continuum.  When trauma occurs, all “well” patterns are affected in a manner that creates miasms or schisms.

My beliefs are that all is energy that is constantly expressing. If there is a disruption in the energy flow, then the patterns are affected. And if we are dreaming our experiences and get caught in the illusion of the physical world and ego/mind, then we can get trapped and lost in the distorted patterns, identifying with them and losing our innate sense of Self and personal power. We become victimized.

My beliefs affect my opinions as that is the lens through which I experience life.

How do your beliefs influence how you feel, treat mental health and mental illness? As a shamanic, energy practitioner, I do my best to get my “client’ to take “responsibility for their experiences, even when they are not in balance… and to look at the possibility that things can change if they are willing to forgive and clean out old outmoded energies.. basically I invite them onto the same page or view so they can begin to imagine new possibilities for themselves. If they agree to try that, I would use various shamanic traditions and methods to clear their energy and essence… as well as tools to empower them in how they see/sense/feel their life into being. We would work on empowerment through thought and feeling, and exercises they take to participate in the process.

Do you beliefs offer a cure/ treatment? If yes, what? Interesting question… yes. Process to release the belief they are sick… both for the person, and the practitioner. Part of my job is to see each person whole, beyond my limited ego/mind self. That helps the person to move to a place where they can experience that too. Once big shamanic practice would be soul retrieval, preceded by deep cleaning and shamanic extraction work. Soul retrieval would address any soul loss issues that have come from trauma. With the soul retrieval process and cleaning would come another process of putting good energy back into the person, such as singing “icaros” – sacred songs, back into them. This is a restorative practice. There are many practices to assist the person.

Do you believe in possessions, exorcisms,etc.? Yes, that is possible. I have on some level participated in clearing people and homes of energies that do not belong there. It is often something that happens when someone is very fearful, and when they have soul loss. An exorcism has the goal of cleaning out the “bad energy” that does not belong… it should also involve soul retrieval if the person is going to be put back together again.

It is all a frequency game.

Melissa, my awesome Catholic friend.
Italy 420
Because she Catholic and an wonderful mom. 
What are your spiritual beliefs? I am Catholic. I believe GOD is the creator of all things. I believe Jesus is the son of GOD, who died for our sins. I believe in angels and saints and heaven and hell.
Do you believe in mental illness, psychosis, schizophrenia, bi polar, other dissociative disorders,  etc.? Yes, I believe the brain can have a chemical imbalance or disorder.
How do your beliefs define metal illness?  My beliefs don’t define mental illness, other than GOD created us all different.
What do you believe cause mental illness and how do your beliefs influence your opinion? Many things can cause mental illness; genetics, injury, substance abuse, etc.
How do your beliefs influence how you feel, treat mental health and mental illness? I pray for the individuals, but ultimately, some type of other treatment is also needed in most cases.
Do you beliefs offer a cure/ treatment? If yes, what? I have heard of spiritual healing, but I think each person is different and the severity of the mental illness varies. Medicine and/or other treatments are needed as well.
Do you believe in possessions? Yes.
Demons? Yes.
Exorcisms? Yes.
Fascinating and delicious.  I hope you gained as much insight as I did from these interview.

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  1. Thank you for the blog follow! I like what you’ve written here and will be back to read more. ☺

    1. Thank you! And likewise 🙂

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