Dear mothers of my family

Dear mothers,

My mother, thank you for your advice, friendship, love and support.  I wouldn’t be where I am without you!  I am deeply grateful.

To the grandmother, I only knew you through vague stories told through the eyes of a heart broken boy. And yet, in each picture I see of you, your eyes twinkle and you are smiling. Thank you for finding the joy, no matter what.

To the woman with little history. A family who left Ireland, settling in the Appalachians. Thank you for holding old world ways. Irish traditions. (we have not pictures)

Tp the single mother. Who raised her son best she could. Thank you for independence and fiery intentions.

To the woman who came to America from Switzerland. The woman who dreamt of better. Thank you for determination and will power.

To the woman who I am named after. Thank you for your curiosity to always learn and desire to help people.

To the woman who taught us strength and tendency.


To all the woman who came before, Thank you! You legacy lives on. Your gifts live on.

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  1. Lovely tribute and fun to see the old photos. Reminds me of those of my own family.

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