Is Spirituality Changing? (Psychosis and Spirituality)

I love when the universe brings me themes. This week I had more than one conversation with three very different people about how religion was changing. I was faced with the question, is the religious dogma outdated? Is there a birth of a new tradition that encompasses multiple traditions? And does this new view of spirituality have a new perspective on psychosis?

All three people I spoke with, all felt that they and their circle of friends, no longer followed traditional religion. Even those raised in traditional religions, such as Catholicism or Judaism, discussed incorporating ideas and practices from Eastern traditions, such as Buddhism, Taoism and Hinduism. Each person I spoke to discussed having a mindfulness practice, as well as, how they felt they connect to their higher power. And each person seemed reluctant to name this, something greater. This presence. This energy. This something, that they connect to. Because God, Nature, Universe seemed to not cover the beauty of this relationship. Each person discussed, the emphasis on a personal relationship and not such a forced relationship with prescriptions for interactions. Each seemed to feel that their words along could be prayers and did not have to follow a script to be heard.

They also believed that mental illness cannot be cured with just medication. That mental illness needs a holistic approach. That the beliefs of the person with mental illness needs to be honored.  They also talked about how belief can cure, if you just believe enough. How each person is different. One person might be better with prayer, another with therapy and medication and yet another from healing from a shaman.

Perhaps it is the people I am lucky enough to encounter that have such open and accepting views.  I wonder how many people would disagree with the new wave of religious beliefs and attitudes? How many people would argue on the root and treatment of psychosis?

I hope we are moving towards a more global understanding and acceptance of everyone.  A world of love and respect.



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  1. nathaswami says:

    Religious dogmas will be fixed during childhood. Consequently, the child imbibes the teaching, and rituals of the religion his parents belonged to. Those dogmas and ceremonies are associated with the parents and the security the child enjoyed in the company of the parents. So, it is not easy to change the convictions of the child.

    1. Thank you for sharing. I agree religion does provide comfort, community and a sense of family. It is a way a family can create memories, meaning and togetherness. Many people I know have changed the religion beliefs different from childhood. I have a friend who converted from Christian to Judaism. Others who have gone for more Earth based religions. It is fascinating how religion affects each life differently or the same for so many people, regardless of the religion.

      1. nathaswami says:

        I don’t get the meaning of ‘earth-based religions’

      2. From (who does a better job of defining earth based religion than me :)) the worship of all aspects of nature; nature as a whole considered to be the source of universal consciousness and energy; various forms and traditions involving this
        Celtic Druidism, Gaia, Native American religion, Paganism, Shamanism, Shintoism, Wicca, and witchcraft are earth-based religions.

      3. nathaswami says:

        Thank you. That sets me at thinking.

  2. Seatoic MetaSpirituality says:

    There is a reward in the brain for feeling the presence of God. So if God weren’t real, then why did whatever created the universe – that lead to the birth of our brain – why is there space for him? There’s a lot unknown in the world, just enough unknown that could be anything.

    Some people see the world more spiritually than others. Some only see the hard physical world while others have a sense of energy and spirits.

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