Are we in the matrix? (psychosis and spirituality)

Over the weekend, I watched Year Million. Experts, on the show, theorize that we may already be living in the matrix and if we aren’t now, then in the future we will for sure be uploaded and living digitally. However all the same issues that exist now with the on line universe will exist in the future. You (yourself, as someone living in the cloud) could be hacked or deleted.

This got me thinking. If we are in the matrix, is mental illness part of the design? As well as, spiritualism? Is then mental illness and spirituality distractions from the fact that we are living in the matrix? I could see it. That being mentally ill or invested in a spiritual path would keep us from realizing the state of our consciousness. It also brings a new understanding to the plight of the mentally ill and the drive of the spiritual pursuer. Could mental illness be a glitch in the matrix. Are those who suffer with mental illness  unable to fully be part of the matrix? Are the spiritual fully invested in the matrix or living outside of it, in another existence? You can get lost in the questions.

And what about the future, when we are in the matrix.  When we upload our consciousness. Will mental illness still exist? What about religion and spiritualism?

Food for thought for today.  Thank you for reading. Seek out and enjoy your happiness, whatever it may be!

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