The Sin of Happy and the Honor in Misery (Therapy Thursday)

Why is it so hard to be happy? Why do we fight it? Why would we rather spend time complaining then talking about the good things?

Well, there are a couple of reasons. Our society thrives off of drama, look at our television shows. We find our meaning as people through suffering. Many of us allow it to define us and become our stories.

Pain sticks with you, it’s messy and ugly. It’s like a dog with a bone and you are the bone. Pain is our reference for everything else.  We measure our happiness through our pain.  Except lately, most people seem to prefer misery.

Ask someone how they are and you most likely hear:”Eh,” “Okay,” “Been better,” “Still above ground,” “Not dead yet.” How often do you hear someone say? “Fantastic,” “Wonderful,” “Couldn’t be better.”

We connect when we tell our stories of pain.  We get needs met when we tell our stories of pain. People feel sorry for us. People give us advice. People see us.

Often times when we share joy, there is a guilt.  As if you are bragging or creating jealousy.  So we keep our joy to ourselves and share our pain.

Funny thing is emotions spread. Think about it a grumpy person can cause everyone around them to be grumpy.  This works for happiness too.  When we are happy, we spread happy.

So why hid your happy? Why not share it with the world? A happy world would be an amazing world.

Curious, I’d love to here: What keeps you from sharing your happy? Why do you hide it? And what do you get when you share your pain?

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!!!!

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