Lines and Labels (Psychosis and Spirituality)

I sat with intake after intake at the community mental health crisis center. I sit with clients in my office. And each presents a different story. A different set of life situations. And each deals with traumas and dreams that affect their daily life. Some have been labeled bipolar, schizophrenic, manic-depressive and others are nothing at all. There are lines between community driven mental health agencies and individual therapists. Many times insurance will only pay when someone has been diagnosed with something. A reason I do not take insurance in my private practice. Where does spirituality fit into the treatment?  Some treatment places focus and combine spirituality, however, I feel that they are not the norm.

The visions, the voices, the dreams, reality and fantasy? Where is the line and who determines the line? And I can’t help but to wonder. To try to fit the pieces together. But it’s like I sitting at a table and boxes of puzzles have been mixed together and I have to sort through the pieces to find the right puzzle to even start.

Seems likes there are several lines and depending on who you are with and which line you cross, you will be either labeled crazy or a healer. Some people move back and forth through out their lifetime. Tettering between sane and insane. This line that determines if you are functional member of society. And you have a choice to you cross over and stay in the delusions, the visions the voices or do you move back and forth? And what about those who cross over and become lost? As if the they are swallowed by mental illness, with no means to come back. Schizophernic or shaman? Isn’t the shaman the one who can move back and forth between worlds and the schizophernic is the one who is lost?

The labels of mental illness or awareness. Crazy or stable. All relative. All subjective. And maddening. Labels placed on us, through society. Labels make life easier. Easier to process, easier to understand, easier to mislabel and misjudge.

I would like to think that regardless of spiritual preference that these blurred lines could be erased. That sane or insane you receive unconditional love and respect.


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