28 days of courage- Day 1


Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone? To shine and be seen in all your beauty? Well, I am, and I’d love for you to join me!

I’m wonderful at letting others shine and not so good at shining  (that whole being seen and vulnerable).  We, humans, don’t like being exposed, we let fear of rejection, humiliation and isolation dictate our lives.  As well as,  the stories we create  and the excuses we make up,  so we don’t have to show up in all our glory.  

Playing small does not serve me or you. So I’m challenging myself to be uncomfortable, with shining and being seen! I’ve got healing to facilitate! What about you? 

Won’t you join me, in stepping out of your comfort zone and into your light?

Day 1: Calling someone and telling them no. As people, we don’t like to disappoint, it goes back to fear of rejection and being alone. As well as,  being an empath, I pick up on other’s emotions, even if they have nothing to do with me. But as humans, we like to create stories to understand our feelings, especially when others are involved. Theses stories don’t serve me.  I need to have boundaries, and know when say no, because it’s what’s best for me. It’s important that you say no when you know it’s what you need to do. 

Out of my comfort zone action 2- sharing this post. Becauae it is part of a personal process and I am putting myself out there. 

Here’s to many more uncomfortable opportunities. 

What will you do today to step out of your comfort zone?

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