What affects you- really? Are you an empath? (Therapy Thursday)

Do you know what affects you? How you engage with the world? Are you in tune with how move through the world?

Some people are incredibly introspective and self aware. Adjusting and shifting every opportunity they have.

Others seem oblivious to how they affect other or how others affect them. Focused on themselves, loosing sight or community and even communion. And communion because a means to further promote themselves, gossip and judge.

Emapths seem especially susceptible to the people who do not register their affect on others. Empaths soak up the energy around them, from people, from the environment, the news, animals, plants. And they feel drained, exhausted, depleted, angry and anxious.

If you are an empath your duty is not the energy maid of others. You are not some giant vacuum cleaner. You are able to pick up on moods, emotions, feelings. What you do with this is up to you. I hope you do not let it drown you.

You can- acknowledge what you are feeling.  If it’s yours, own it. If not, you can let others know what you are feeling. Be warned no everyone claims their stuff- it gets treated like unwanted trash. If no one claims you, you don’t have it. Let it go. Thank it for coming and let it go.

Okay, so you’ve step in some kind of icky energy, you don’t know where. You know it’s not yours, you don’t know what it is. No worries. When this happens, claim yourself. You can say something like, “No you may not, by the I AM that I AM.” Or, “You do not have my permission to be here. You must leave by the I AM that I AM.” Or “If you are not here for my highest spiritual good,you must leave.”

Maybe you’ve had a day. Stuck in traffic with unhappy people. Stuck at work with miserable people. When grocery shopping with more miserable and unhappy people. Take time to clear you and your space. Sometimes stuff follows us home. Set your intentions- see above. Take a bath or shower with lemon and lime (oils or fruit) with epson salt, wash away from you towards the drain. Releasing and letting go. “I let go of all that does not serve my highest good consciously and unconsciously.” Burn sage, palo santo or copal around you and around your home (don’t forget corners, attics, closets). Claim your space just like you claim yourself.


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  1. Thank you, as I too am an empathy. Have to be very careful about what energies I allow around me, even on TV. The media. Here on WP. Fortunately I easily pick up on loving, supportive energies and can feel the exchange. I’m gradually learning to block the negatives. Hard to do right now with what’s going on in the world…. Thank you for an interesting article!

    1. Thank you for sharing! Yes, things now can make life difficult for an empath, however it sounds like you are creating wonderful self care rituals and boundaries.

  2. PS – oops, my auto correct changed empath to empathy.

    1. No worries, it happens all the time 😊

  3. I just adore your blog and I wish I’d found it sooner; I love it.
    Stop by my space sometime?
    femmerwritten.com 🌻✨

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