The Art of Dissociation (psychosis and spirituality)

Her eyes are empty as she tells the story of her rape. His face blank has he tells the story of years of torture and abuse. To some, they may seem cold and distant. Unemotional. I see self-preservation. I see the self, the soul, the body doing everything it can to save its self. To live.

Dictionary. com definition of dissociate: to sever the association of (oneself); separate.

We all do it.  Everyday. It’s how we cope.  How we compartmentalize.  It’s how we deal.  We dissociate. It’s rather brilliant. How we take ourselves out of a situation mentally and emotionally to handle something. For some they might down play the severity of something. Others will completely remove themselves. It’s how we handle the unthinkable.  The stuff that is too big for our system to handle.  The trauma and the pain that feels too overwhelming to process. We separate from it. So that we can survive. 

Dissociation is where we fracture body, mind, and soul. If untended the mind can continue to dissociate to cope, to protect, to preserve.


Until we can be in a safe place to start the process, to recall the soul back to the self. To tend to the deep and painful wounds. To release the trauma. A safe place where the stories can be told, the feelings can be felt, the body can release and relax. A magical place where the soul can once again be seen and weave it’s gifts for the world.

I am always honored to sit in these places. To be witness. To facilitate the soul work of healing.


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