Broken pieces (psychosis and spirituality)

Piece by piece.

Part by part.

Like a trail of tear, we leave pieces of ourselves behind

Easier to run then to stay. We hate being in pain. We avoid it at all costs.

Magic heals. Belief heals. Desire heals. We heal. 

We unconsciously emit our wounds and traumsa. They seep out affecting our perceptions and decisions, how we interact with life.

When we feel pain we leave pieces and parts of ourselves behind to deal with the adverse feelings.

When you get yelled at because mom or dad had a bad day you learn to be small to be invisible. Shutting out your extroverted side.

When you suffer trauma you leave a part of you behind. The part that is forced to deal with the pain. The part the ego hids from.

Each negative experience. And I hate to say negative.  Because that is a matter of perception and how we choose to frame the situation. Yes, there are some truly horenous, horrible experiences but even these can have silver lining. And that may make you feel uncomfortable. To think that even the worst people, the most horrendous crimes could have some light, some gold in them.  But they do. Even if it’s to teach the rest of humanity a lesson, to wake up, to change, to be better. There is nothing so bad that something good does not come of it. Sometimes you just have to get dirty, you have to dig deep, be willing to see what you were once blind to, to open up and expand. 

When we hurt we tend to turn away from the pain. Run from it. We do not like sitting in it.  However sitting in it is part of the healing. It brings the love and attention needed to tend to the hurt and pain.

Our ego tricks us into thinking that if we run we escape the pain, the trauma, the hurt. We don’t, it manifests in other ways. It seeps into our lives. Maybe anxiety, depression, insecurity, and fear. These feelings are feed by hurts, traumas and pains.

Is psychosis and spirituality escapes from our pain, trauma and wounds? Is psychosis what happens when the pain becomes to much and the ego breaks? Does the mind become too sick to deal? Does spirituality become a way to tend to the wounds or does it too mask the pain in a higher cause?

However, you decide to tend to your broken pieces are parts. You can heal. You are worthy of healing. You deserve to heal. Your soul can shine because it meant to!


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