Using your Dreams for Guidance (Therapy Thursday)

Dreams are our portal to our souls.  Dreams can provide massive insight into our lives.  You might not realize it but while you are dreaming, your dreams are answering the questions you pounder and ask while you are awake. Often times in the language of the subconscious, but with some practice you’ll be decoding your dreams and receiving the guidance you asked for.

How do your dreams guide you?

1.     Help you solve a problem. Our dreams play out what is going on in our lives.  Sometimes the dream is just processing the daily events and other times the dream is guiding you.  Look for clues in your dreams.

2.     Provide you with insight into your fears. We often push our fears aside because we don’t like working with them. When you work with your fears, you set yourself free.  Our dreams play on our fears.  When you see your fears come to life in your dreams, you have the power to dissolve them.

3.     Help you with your creativity. The abstractness of dreams can be a creativity catalyst.  Sit with the abstractness, allow the images to become your muses.

4.     Connect you to your guides and ancestors. Our dreams are a place where our guides and ancestors come to visit.  Listen to the advice you receive while you are dreaming.

5.     Give you a look at your shadow. Your shadow is the part of you push away.  Our shadow can be found in what we dislike in others.  Shadow loves dreams because it can come forward and be seen.

Use the tips below to start to decode your dreams

Before you go to bed, state your intention, “Tonight I want insight into_____”

When you wake write down your dream and then…

Tell the dream using your five senses, as well as, your feelings.

Don’t reach for the dream guide book or web page just yet. Take time to free associate different images for your own personal meaning.  Then you can look up the universal meanings and see if they apply to your dream, enhancing the message.

Happy Dreaming!

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