Suicide doesn’t have to be the answer

I wrote this a couple years ago, posted it on an old blog. And it is still relevant.  Especially in light of Chester Bennington’s suicide. These are still words that need to be heard. Because I want you to understand, that even if it doesn’t feel like it, you matter! Suicide is a permanent solution…

Trauma (therapy Thursdays)

Empty eyes, gazing away- lost and marous. The look when trauma enters the room. It’s like a flickering light, deciding on whether or not it’s going to stay on or off. And once it’s on or off, there is no turning back. It’s like a 50 foot wave has crashed upon the person sitting across…

Disastrous hiaku

Nature or being And with that, it was all over nothing is the same Check out more Disastrous on the Daily Prompt

All the lonely people

A deep sadness exists today. Profound and devouring. An inability to cope. Light lost in the darkness. Heads down. Absorbed in technology. Losing contact. Lost. Alone. Day after day. Locked away. Trying to cure loneliness with technology. We lack human interaction and ability to connect. Each and everyday the sea of zombies slug through life….

To my inner teenager (part 3)

Dearest me, adolescent me, First know that you are loved, unconditionally, deeply and profoundly. You have carried my shame and burdens, without complaint. Thank you. You are my inspiration. My poet. My artist. My punker. My goth. My love of horror. My witch. My rebel. You are my dark crafty, creative side. Ever loving Edgar…

To all the haters, judgers, predators, and so on (part 2)

To all the predators, violators, manipulators, haters, judgers, silencers, watchers, persecutors, and those who failed to speak up. To all those who sat in silence and watched my self-destruction. Judged me. Held me accountable for my self-hatred, without seeing the broken, lost soul screaming for love, attention and help. For those who saw me as…

Letters (Therapy Thursdays- part 1)

Letters are a way for us to look at deep pains and wounds, in the safety and containment of ourselves, in the places we feel safest. Letters allow us to look inward at the places we need to hold the most.  The places we need to tend to, to create change and movement.

And do you think this is awakening ?(psychosis and spirituality)

Hello, Thank you for reading and joining me down this rabbit hole. That still produces more questions than answers. I have read several articles that discuss psychosis and psychotic breaks as a spiritual awakening.  I think that is a beautiful thought and idea. However, in working in mental health, I haven’t experienced a person who…

Power of Play (Therapy Thursday)

As adults we forget how much play does for us.  As children it comes easy.  It’s just something we do, without much thought.  It’s how we pass the time, learn, explore and grow.  As adults we find other ways to pass the time, learn, explore and grow.  Forgetting the magic of play.  Play for adults…

Digital Dilemma (Psychosis and Spirituality)

It’s the busyness that kills us.  I sit down to write, to edit, to organize my thoughts in a presentable manner and then I get sucked into the madness of the digital world.  I check emails and reply to them.  I check Facebook and post.  I scroll through the posts, clicking on links.  Watching videos….