Digital Dilemma (Psychosis and Spirituality)

It’s the busyness that kills us.  I sit down to write, to edit, to organize my thoughts in a presentable manner and then I get sucked into the madness of the digital world.  I check emails and reply to them.  I check Facebook and post.  I scroll through the posts, clicking on links.  Watching videos.  I check twitter and post.  Some days I play on instagram, taking, editing and liking pictures.  All this and I get nothing accomplished.  Then I feel worse about myself. I have a to do list.  I have things I want to accomplish and I have been sucked into the digital world.  

There is something about social media that can make people feel worse about themselves.  This video demonstrates it perfectly!

Do you find that you are easily sucked into digital world?  Find that you spend more time on line than with people in person?  Think about it, do you find yourself, mindlessly watching television, with others while scrolling through your phone, posting, liking, sharing?  
What are you getting out this?  

What void is it filling?  

And is it really filling that void?  

And are we starting to feed psychosis through digital means.  The digital world gives people a false sense of connection. We are losing parts of our humanity. Isolating ourselves. Becoming more anxious and depressed. People need people. For some it may be the only way to connect. For some it may be the only way to be heard. However, many people are becoming sick, addicted and mentally unstable.

And where does spirituality exist in the digital world? It is now a God? Is technology a spiritual being that feeds psychosis through isolation and disconnection? Is there a place for spirituality using technology? For now many religions can share their beliefs with a larger audience. But does this become too much? How does it all fit together?

If you want to start to dis-engage from the digital world (at least for a bit) Here’s a couple things you can do?

1. Get out in nature!  Leave the phone or if that’s too much, put it on silent.  If you use your camera on your phone, only use the camera, don’t check anything.  It can wait really it can.  Enjoy the beauty around you.  Be in the moment.  Because life is a series of moments.  Do you really want life to keep passing you by while you are on your phone?  The phone will be there, you won’t miss anything on your phone, you might miss some memories in the making by being on your phone.
2. Limit your on line time.  Set a schedule.  Give yourself 1 hour at the most.  
3. Connect with people in person.  Meet people for lunch, coffee, a walk.  Get out and engage with your friends and family.  Nothing beats in person connections.  
4. Look for the balance.  You can have the best of both worlds.  Everything the digital world has to offer and everything real world has to offer.  Seek to find the balance for yourself.  
5. Find the positive in the digital world and ways to really connect to people.  Use the digital world to truly see, hear and connect.  
Here’s a couple more social media videos for inspiration, to help you put the phone down, step away from the computer and get back into the world.  

Jimmy Falon and Justin Timberlake- Hashtag

Look up

What’s on your mind

A inspiration video about the amazing possibilities of social media

Social media and the digital world can truly connect to people.  It has the power for people to really hear and see others.  As well as, to positively influence and create change.





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