And do you think this is awakening ?(psychosis and spirituality)


Thank you for reading and joining me down this rabbit hole. That still produces more questions than answers.

I have read several articles that discuss psychosis and psychotic breaks as a spiritual awakening.  I think that is a beautiful thought and idea. However, in working in mental health, I haven’t experienced a person who has come to me and said, “I am experiencing a psychotic break, I am awakening.” I do believe that this is possible and that there are other fortunate enough to be in the right place to break and awaken.  Such as indigenous people.  People who know people to guide them on the path. What about those who break and then are forced into community mental health? Those who break and self medicate with drugs and alcohol? Those who break and can no longer function? Those who break and do not have access to a spiritual advisor? How do we get to those people? How do we help those who are lost in the crack? And do they want to be spirituality awake?

I get it everyone is where this need to be at this exact moment.  Everyone is doing what they can with what they have. We are on soul missions. It still hurts to know there are souls that sacrifice themselves for the greater good.

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day.  And if I find the answers I will be sure to share.

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