To my inner teenager (part 3)

Dearest me, adolescent me,

First know that you are loved, unconditionally, deeply and profoundly.

You have carried my shame and burdens, without complaint. Thank you.

You are my inspiration. My poet. My artist. My punker. My goth. My love of horror. My witch. My rebel.

You are my dark crafty, creative side. Ever loving Edgar Allan Poe, Bauhaus and Andy Warhol.

You are my artistic inspiration. Moppy and moody. Showing your emotions without care.

Here’s to your courage to rock a mohawk, color your hair, to listen to the loudest most obscene punk rock. The courage to be who you are, no apologizes. Goth punker rebel at heart. The courage to be in your feelings, regardless of how they affected others, black on black.

Thank you for all the ways you have held me, loved me, supported me. Showed me the way and given me the courage to be me.

Rock on!

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