All the lonely people

A deep sadness exists today. Profound and devouring. An inability to cope. Light lost in the darkness.

Heads down. Absorbed in technology. Losing contact. Lost. Alone. Day after day. Locked away. Trying to cure loneliness with technology. We lack human interaction and ability to connect.

Each and everyday the sea of zombies slug through life. Distracted, lifeless faces going through the motions. Starving for a heartbeat and the vibrancy of life. And yet, there are no smiles, no eye contact. Lashing out, biting-Bursts of anger, dirty looks, curses and hexes.

Afraid to reach out. All the people locked away in their heads. Their hearts. Their bodies. Refusing to let people in. They rush into emergency rooms with symptoms of the soul and seeking medical treatment.  Anything to stop the pain. A pill and quick fix.

This pain, that consumes us. That we hid from the world. Is slowly killing us. The pain we keep locked away like a monster chained in a dark room. Is draining our life force.

Humans want to connect to each other, the world, nature. And this longing for connection keeps us from connecting. The fear of rejection that creates our loneliness. The fear of pain that generates our hurt.

We hid ourselves away, slowly rotting from the inside out. Pour ourselves into our phones, computers and television. Desperate for connection, approval and validation.

We fear admitting we are broken, lost, hurting and suffering because we don’t other to judge our pain. Because we already do that too ourselves.

Lonely is an epidemic. That we have created. Out of our deepest desires. And we reject the cure because enduring pain from rejection and abandonment is far worse than the loneliness we suffer with. Until it isn’t. Until we break, puddles on the floor. Shattered glass and broken souls. In hopelessness we call out. When we can no longer run, hid, bury our pain and hid our lonely.

We don’t have to be lonely or suffer alone. We need each other, we want each other. We crave love and inclusion.

How to conquer lonely:

Reach out- this can be scary but you can do it. Call a friend. Call a hot line.

Get outside- Go play in nature. Have fun. Hug a tree. Talk to the birds. Feel the sun or the wind against your skin. Be present.

Laugh- Laughing is better with others.  However, even laughing alone lifts your spirits.

Connect to people, nature, animals


Find a support group, a therapist, a healer

Thanks for reading and wishing you well!

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