Your birthday today -a wish from a mom

Tbis space, WordPress, is where I come to speak my truth from my heart, uncensored (typos and all).

Today is your birthday. I day I celebrate. As the years pass, there’s a sadness. No longer my baby, my child who is with me, a constant companion. You have your own life. I rejoice in the magnificent person you have become.

I miss the days of:

dancing in candle light

Walks in the park capturing imaginary creatures

Your radio station

Playing dolls, coloring, games and bed time stories

The list could go on for ever.

My wish for you on this birthday- is that you play in your imagination always, that you continue to see the beauty in everyone and everything, that you never harden your enormously giving heart, that true love finds you in spectacular ways, that you never settle and that you always shine, regardless of others!

All my love,


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