All the lonely people

A deep sadness exists today. Profound and devouring. An inability to cope. Light lost in the darkness. Heads down. Absorbed in technology. Losing contact. Lost. Alone. Day after day. Locked away. Trying to cure loneliness with technology. We lack human interaction and ability to connect. Each and everyday the sea of zombies slug through life….

Letters (Therapy Thursdays- part 1)

Letters are a way for us to look at deep pains and wounds, in the safety and containment of ourselves, in the places we feel safest. Letters allow us to look inward at the places we need to hold the most.  The places we need to tend to, to create change and movement.

Power of Play (Therapy Thursday)

As adults we forget how much play does for us.  As children it comes easy.  It’s just something we do, without much thought.  It’s how we pass the time, learn, explore and grow.  As adults we find other ways to pass the time, learn, explore and grow.  Forgetting the magic of play.  Play for adults…

Depression (Therapy Thursday)

We fear those emotions that we do not like to feel. As if by feeling them they will consume, swallow and change us. This fear is not unfounded. I have been swallowed by depression. Consumed with grief. Changed from melancholy. It’s the dark that we fear. The being caught in quicksand with no life rope….

The Art of Dissociation (psychosis and spirituality)

Her eyes are empty as she tells the story of her rape. His face blank has he tells the story of years of torture and abuse. To some, they may seem cold and distant. Unemotional. I see self-preservation. I see the self, the soul, the body doing everything it can to save its self. To…

Lines and Labels (Psychosis and Spirituality)

I sat with intake after intake at the community mental health crisis center. I sit with clients in my office. And each presents a different story. A different set of life situations. And each deals with traumas and dreams that affect their daily life. Some have been labeled bipolar, schizophrenic, manic-depressive and others are nothing…

Reiki (therapy Thursdays)

My hands are on fire. I can feel the energy pulsating through them. And as I quiet my mind. Slow my breathing. Connect to my body. I can hear the whispers. The information that flows to me, to help you. Reiki is much more than just tapping into the stream of universal energy for healing….

Is Spirituality Changing? (Psychosis and Spirituality)

I love when the universe brings me themes. This week I had more than one conversation with three very different people about how religion was changing. I was faced with the question, is the religious dogma outdated? Is there a birth of a new tradition that encompasses multiple traditions? And does this new view of…

More questions- Psychosis and Spirituality

I recently read an article on psychopathic children. It was a fascinating read. I usually try to polish my posts but this post is fresh from my processing what I read. Straight from my mind to keyboard. I wonder about the neuroscience of psychosis and of spirituality? And then about the research that says we…

Qualm vs anxiety

Would my anxiety Prefer to go by qualm Would such a word ease My sweaty shaky hands that betray me when I write My jack hammer heart about to break free from my chest to run away and hid under the bed. The words that get caught in my throat and then stammer out Would…