The deep

In the blue Deep dark and black Stirs the awakening Prickly and innocent Churning Empties the mind In the deep Dark Blue Night expands Twinkling glimmers of posibities Dancing Looking for a home Is it you?

Disastrous hiaku

Nature or being And with that, it was all over nothing is the same Check out more Disastrous on the Daily Prompt

To my inner teenager (part 3)

Dearest me, adolescent me, First know that you are loved, unconditionally, deeply and profoundly. You have carried my shame and burdens, without complaint. Thank you. You are my inspiration. My poet. My artist. My punker. My goth. My love of horror. My witch. My rebel. You are my dark crafty, creative side. Ever loving Edgar…

To all the haters, judgers, predators, and so on (part 2)

To all the predators, violators, manipulators, haters, judgers, silencers, watchers, persecutors, and those who failed to speak up. To all those who sat in silence and watched my self-destruction. Judged me. Held me accountable for my self-hatred, without seeing the broken, lost soul screaming for love, attention and help. For those who saw me as…


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And it matters why?

Caught up in others Good, bad, indifferent matters depends on the lens We care about the impressions that we make on others. Other’s opinions of us matter. Know¬†that all impressions are based on our own perceptions, ideas, feelings, past, beliefs and so on. We can’t always influence how others feel about us. Be kind. Do…

Catapulting where?

Hurling forwards, or backwards,¬†striving for control fear stops, heart ignites So often in life we feel forced towards some direction. We perceive that life is throwing us off the edge, or others are controlling our decisions. We struggle to keep control in our lives, often times undermining ourselves to stay safe. Fear often rules how…


Feeling unanchored Floating aimlessly, adrift So often is life Check on more Adrift of the Daily Prompt


Secretly wishing Living vicariously Thought the eyes of others We are pop culture addicts. We live through the celebrities and our favorite movies, television shows and books. We get to live out fantasies from the safety of our homes. What notorious character are you drawn to? Check out more Notorious on the Daily Prompt

The Farce of Life

The absurdity Wasting time and chasing life Nature is laughing We take ourselves way too seriously. Make time to see the funny, to smile, to laugh. To see the divine comedy of life. Check out more Farce on the Daily Prompt  

Precipice of?

Frenzy fever fear Heart accelerates, drop down Edge of the unknown There is excileration and fear when we are the precipice of life.  Often we want to run and hide, even escape.  Personal precipices are times to move your soul and life purpose forward. To face the change and uncertainty with curiosity and child like…