Excited bewilderment Curious calls the labyrinth twist, turn, alter and tease Check out more maze on the daily prompt

Your dream(s)…

Trace, track, trail, tackle Badger, bait, haunt and harass never stop chasing dreams Check out more pursue on the daily prompt

This too shall pass

transient is the tide

motile moments, fleeting fast

nothing stays the same

Melancholy Blue

  Melancholy blue waves rushes pickling the skin and sending a chill Weep, whimper and wail Somber swallows the soul Morose mood manifests Troubled tears Rayless rouse Consumed with gloom Unwanted visitor dressed in black and bringing bereavement Inklike tears stain the face Crying lullabies to sleep Onyx abyss Soul slumbers Listen to her story…


Weaving wondrous webs Astonishing anecdotes Crafty communion Cosmic collective Check out more Daily Prompts Yarn

Knackered- a hiaku

Today’s status quo Distressed, drained, wasted and worn chasing illusions Check out more daily prompt

Wolves and Dragons came for tea

Blessed bliss brought by the breeze Jasmine and violet Shimmering rays of sun Glistening off blades of tall grass The sway of nature In rhythm Like breathing The dirty white eyelet and floral mesh lace dress with ribbons traveling waves of current Onyx starless hair twinkling amethyst emanations Innocent imagination Wolves and dragons came for…

Gray- A haiku

warm fuzzy slippers stuck motionless excuses fire flame and smile check out more Gray on daily prompts


Funny how we, I, you Can long for a place, we have never been Or only grazed by The feeling that pulls us, draws us, calls and beckons Visits our dreams and whispers our names Funny, how we can yearn Feel homesick, melancholy A cry A stirring To a place to return home that might…