Your birthday today -a wish from a mom

Tbis space, WordPress, is where I come to speak my truth from my heart, uncensored (typos and all). Today is your birthday. I day I celebrate. As the years pass, there’s a sadness. No longer my baby, my child who is with me, a constant companion. You have your own life. I rejoice in the…

And here it starts, again

Raw, from my mind, my soul, my heart. Yet to be cencored or edited by my ego. The voice that whispers, “follow the magic, the love, the pain.” It starts with a curiosity, a longing, a wondering. Who were they? What were their stories? And how am I them, if at all? I am filled…


Inward scratching pushing outward Nausea turns the stomach, creeping upward and trying to escape Unsettled body, abandoned long ago, holder of memories, pain, trauma-adorned, covered to distract and hide. long neglected a empty prison Thoughts invading, abstractions causing angst Emotions flooding overflowing uncontrollable trembling bones, prickly skin Body emitting The only option is to flee,…

The deep

In the blue Deep dark and black Stirs the awakening Prickly and innocent Churning Empties the mind In the deep Dark Blue Night expands Twinkling glimmers of posibities Dancing Looking for a home Is it you?

And it matters why?

Caught up in others Good, bad, indifferent matters depends on the lens We care about the impressions that we make on others. Other’s opinions of us matter. Know that all impressions are based on our own perceptions, ideas, feelings, past, beliefs and so on. We can’t always influence how others feel about us. Be kind. Do…

Catapulting where?

Hurling forwards, or backwards, striving for control fear stops, heart ignites So often in life we feel forced towards some direction. We perceive that life is throwing us off the edge, or others are controlling our decisions. We struggle to keep control in our lives, often times undermining ourselves to stay safe. Fear often rules how…


Feeling unanchored Floating aimlessly, adrift So often is life Check on more Adrift of the Daily Prompt

Accommodating you

Not because you should Heartfelt generosity Soul filling, heart warming Check out more Hospitiality

Dear mothers of my family

Dear mothers, My mother, thank you for your advice, friendship, love and support.  I wouldn’t be where I am without you!  I am deeply grateful. To the grandmother, I only knew you through vague stories told through the eyes of a heart broken boy. And yet, in each picture I see of you, your eyes…


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Is none the same as empty? The feeling of nothingness? Of being nobody? Or is none The state of peace? Tranquility? The place where the negative thoughts are no longer? It’s all perception.  You have to the power to choose. What will you decide?   Check out more none on the daily prompt  

Gray- A haiku

warm fuzzy slippers stuck motionless excuses fire flame and smile check out more Gray on daily prompts