In this ever crazy world.  I have to stop. I have to be. I have to recognize: The beauty The wonder The awe The light in you-even when you push past me, cut me off, glare or any of the many ways, you may behave that puts me off, upsets me, irritates me, angers me,…

Some day

Some day, I’ll return, some day I’ll once again sit among the tree trunks Play in the water Reflect Conjure A tearful, heart full of gratitude  I leave under the full moon Ready for ritual, magic and dreams Check out more daily post

Ripple effect- Therapy Thursdays

  I love group work.  I love holding sacred space for people to come together and share, to talk, to communion, to grow, to heal, to be seen and heard. And today, I was blessed to host a group supporting people’s chosen path in life. Gorgeous! And what came up? Lack of community.  Needing communion….


I am hopeful for the future. For a society based on unconditional love and acceptance. For the end of hate. I am hopeful. Period. Check out more hopeful

And here I am ….

My first post, unedited and free. Before I’ve sat down at my computer to make this space look pretty and inviting. Before I’ve created pages.  A post from my phone.  I’ve created this space to communion. To dialogue. To share.  A sanctuary of life experiences, untamed wild imagition, uncencored thoughts, theories and ideas.  Basically,  me….