Creating works of art Common goal diverse talents Crafting happiness Check out more on the daily prompt

Accommodating you

Not because you should Heartfelt generosity Soul filling, heart warming Check out more Hospitiality


Broken and bruised demolished into ruin-conquered annihilated * Smashed and Shattered desolate despair anguished soul heart races and then stops * leaking oozing tears Body consumed with heartache crushed soul rebuilds heart Come back often for more Emotions Haiku

Dear mothers of my family

Dear mothers, My mother, thank you for your advice, friendship, love and support.  I wouldn’t be where I am without you!  I am deeply grateful. To the grandmother, I only knew you through vague stories told through the eyes of a heart broken boy. And yet, in each picture I see of you, your eyes…

The End?

The end of one thing Decay, despair, desolate Birth of new beauty Check on more Final on the Daily Post


Excited bewilderment Curious calls the labyrinth twist, turn, alter and tease Check out more maze on the daily prompt


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Staying stuck- Therapy Thursdays

I really don’t know what I am doing. I jumped without a parachute. And as I am falling. I am freaking out. Scrambling. Searching. Closing my eyes and praying. What the f*ck did I just do? I have sat in this place of misery. The burnout The fatigue. The drain. The exhaustion. I have wallowed…

Your dream(s)…

Trace, track, trail, tackle Badger, bait, haunt and harass never stop chasing dreams Check out more pursue on the daily prompt

This too shall pass

transient is the tide

motile moments, fleeting fast

nothing stays the same