Secretly wishing Living vicariously Thought the eyes of others We are pop culture addicts. We live through the celebrities and our favorite movies, television shows and books. We get to live out fantasies from the safety of our homes. What notorious character are you drawn to? Check out more Notorious on the Daily Prompt

Communicating without words (Therapy Thursday)

There is it.  You’ve stopped in your tracks.  This beautiful painting that has prohibited you from moving on, drawn you in and now you are lost in and held captive by its images. Frustrated, sitting in traffic.  Then you hear it. That song.  You crank up the dial.  Forgetting the traffic, getting lost in the…


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Broken and bruised demolished into ruin-conquered annihilated * Smashed and Shattered desolate despair anguished soul heart races and then stops * leaking oozing tears Body consumed with heartache crushed soul rebuilds heart Come back often for more Emotions Haiku

Melancholy Blue

  Melancholy blue waves rushes pickling the skin and sending a chill Weep, whimper and wail Somber swallows the soul Morose mood manifests Troubled tears Rayless rouse Consumed with gloom Unwanted visitor dressed in black and bringing bereavement Inklike tears stain the face Crying lullabies to sleep Onyx abyss Soul slumbers Listen to her story…

Wolves and Dragons came for tea

Blessed bliss brought by the breeze Jasmine and violet Shimmering rays of sun Glistening off blades of tall grass The sway of nature In rhythm Like breathing The dirty white eyelet and floral mesh lace dress with ribbons traveling waves of current Onyx starless hair twinkling amethyst emanations Innocent imagination Wolves and dragons came for…

Surviving today – Therapy Thursdays

The world feels unbearable, stifling and madding. At times, as if it is spinning out of control with no end in sight. You question who you can trust and every day you are astonished by what the media reports and what you hear others say. You see the cracks in the systems. Where society is…


My thoughts fill with the creative color play of photography. And then as people, our exposure to others. Their way of life. Their beliefs. Dreams. Hardships. In the end, we are all in this together.  Exposure creates knowledge. Stirs and invokes emotions. From that we can create understanding and love. Check out more Exposure on…

Super powers

Wielding words of wisdom Compassionate communion Time traveling traveler Fabulously funny and fun Innocent admiration and astonishment Fiery freedom fighter Tenacious tanker Calm, composed, content Delving, diving deeply Delighting dancing dark Magical alchemy mighty metamorphosis  Creative capers Check out more discovery challenges

Life and Death

Everyday we are surrounded by life and death. I enter each day with a curiosity of ebb and flow of life. How death creates life and life creates death. And each day I see the interplay of life and death. This year, I want to explore their relationship and their influence on each other. Mainly…


It’s time to let 2016 go and look to 2017. Goodbye 2016! Thank you for the lessons. Managing my money. Managing my time. Rekindling my love and dedication to writing.  Including being published on Urban Howl. Rekindling my witchy nature. Connection to my Spiritual path. Serving clients, teaching classes and helping the community. Lost sight…

Moody-a haiku 

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