Trauma (therapy Thursdays)

Empty eyes, gazing away- lost and marous. The look when trauma enters the room. It’s like a flickering light, deciding on whether or not it’s going to stay on or off. And once it’s on or off, there is no turning back. It’s like a 50 foot wave has crashed upon the person sitting across…

Therapy Thursday- Self Care part 1

You need to make time for you. You need to take care of you. If you don’t you end feeling exhausted, taken for granted, angry, hurt, jealous and that’s just a few.  And your self care has to come from the heart.  So often in my practice I listen to the stories why self doesn’t…

You matter- Therapy Thursday

There are times in your life where you are going to feel like you just can’t take anymore.  That you just want to stop the pain.  End it because it feels like it is never going to stop, that is just going to keep coming.  The voices in your head that tell you- You are…

Sadness- Therapy Thursdays

We run from her. I witness her chase people daily. Run after them, until she finally tackles them and wrestles then to the ground. Sitting upon them, playing type writer across their chest.forcing them to face her. Look into her eyes. Acknowledge her. Validate her. Hear and see her. Most of us, including myself spend…


The monster had been slowly growing.  Ended up calling out of work , couldn’t drive in. The icy roads, the 4×4 fish tailing in front of me. It started,  with the positive self talk,  “you got this!” “You can do this!” Visualized myself making it safely to work, talking with co-workers.  The wonderful conversions and…

Trauma Part 1- Types

We are a society of traumatized individuals. Lying and hiding our pain. Pretending it belongs to someone else. Pretending it didn’t happen. Minimizing the experience. Forgetting it ever happened. And still we hurt. Still we suffer. We emote and emit. Push away and discard

Personal Revolving Universes

  It’s been the theme of the week, in my therapy practice. The crashing of universes. I once heard a theory that we are all our own universes. Our thinking tends to revolve around ourselves. Some of us, content to be, spinning around. Some of us; explorers, looking to meet and engage with other universes….

What is Therapy

From an older post on my new blog. Check out what therapy is.

The art of. ..

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