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Precipice of?

Frenzy fever fear Heart accelerates, drop down Edge of the unknown There is excileration and fear when we are the precipice of life.  Often we want to run and hide, even escape.  Personal precipices are times to move your soul and life purpose forward. To face the change and uncertainty with curiosity and child like…


Creating works of art Common goal diverse talents Crafting happiness Check out more on the daily prompt


Scent has the power to transform, transcend and transport mind, soul and sense to other times, places and people. Scent has the power to toy with our memories. Scent can transport us to a place in our past.  Some scents hold positive thoughts and memories.  Others pain and trauma. Interesting how just a certain smell…

Some day

Some day, I’ll return, some day I’ll once again sit among the tree trunks Play in the water Reflect Conjure A tearful, heart full of gratitude  I leave under the full moon Ready for ritual, magic and dreams Check out more daily post


Our inner landscapes Dreams: waking, sleeping, day Hopes Aspirations Demons Guilts  Fears The thoughts that drive and hinder  Who is behind the wheel today? Seedy taxi driver, driven mogul, mother, father, child, magician, witch, persecutors, judge? The emotions That ebb and flow like waves and storms Happy, sad, angry, lost, confused, fear, escatasy  Our interiors…


I am hopeful for the future. For a society based on unconditional love and acceptance. For the end of hate. I am hopeful. Period. Check out more hopeful


Eagered ecstasy  Exhilarated energy Fevered fury Check more out here


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. What does this say about fortune? Check out the daily post for more fortune


Fear that wherever illness has claimed their soul will reach out and claim yours too, if you get too close.