Trauma (therapy Thursdays)

Empty eyes, gazing away- lost and marous. The look when trauma enters the room. It’s like a flickering light, deciding on whether or not it’s going to stay on or off. And once it’s on or off, there is no turning back. It’s like a 50 foot wave has crashed upon the person sitting across…

All the lonely people

A deep sadness exists today. Profound and devouring. An inability to cope. Light lost in the darkness. Heads down. Absorbed in technology. Losing contact. Lost. Alone. Day after day. Locked away. Trying to cure loneliness with technology. We lack human interaction and ability to connect. Each and everyday the sea of zombies slug through life….


Broken and bruised demolished into ruin-conquered annihilated * Smashed and Shattered desolate despair anguished soul heart races and then stops * leaking oozing tears Body consumed with heartache crushed soul rebuilds heart Come back often for more Emotions Haiku