Facing Fear (Therapy Thursday)

Is fear stopping you from being your authentic self? Many of us hold back who we are. We allow fear to stop us from shining our own brilliant light. Is fear is keeping you from living life? Maybe fear has trapped you. Do you feel everything around you and have become isolated because you fear…

All the lonely people

A deep sadness exists today. Profound and devouring. An inability to cope. Light lost in the darkness. Heads down. Absorbed in technology. Losing contact. Lost. Alone. Day after day. Locked away. Trying to cure loneliness with technology. We lack human interaction and ability to connect. Each and everyday the sea of zombies slug through life….

Letters (Therapy Thursdays- part 1)

Letters are a way for us to look at deep pains and wounds, in the safety and containment of ourselves, in the places we feel safest. Letters allow us to look inward at the places we need to hold the most.  The places we need to tend to, to create change and movement.

The Sin of Happy and the Honor in Misery (Therapy Thursday)

Why is it so hard to be happy? Why do we fight it? Why would we rather spend time complaining then talking about the good things? Well, there are a couple of reasons. Our society thrives off of drama, look at our television shows. We find our meaning as people through suffering. Many of us…

And it matters why?

Caught up in others Good, bad, indifferent matters depends on the lens We care about the impressions that we make on others. Other’s opinions of us matter. Know that all impressions are based on our own perceptions, ideas, feelings, past, beliefs and so on. We can’t always influence how others feel about us. Be kind. Do…

Catapulting where?

Hurling forwards, or backwards, striving for control fear stops, heart ignites So often in life we feel forced towards some direction. We perceive that life is throwing us off the edge, or others are controlling our decisions. We struggle to keep control in our lives, often times undermining ourselves to stay safe. Fear often rules how…

The Farce of Life

The absurdity Wasting time and chasing life Nature is laughing We take ourselves way too seriously. Make time to see the funny, to smile, to laugh. To see the divine comedy of life. Check out more Farce on the Daily Prompt  

Your dream(s)…

Trace, track, trail, tackle Badger, bait, haunt and harass never stop chasing dreams Check out more pursue on the daily prompt

This too shall pass

transient is the tide

motile moments, fleeting fast

nothing stays the same

Surviving today – Therapy Thursdays

The world feels unbearable, stifling and madding. At times, as if it is spinning out of control with no end in sight. You question who you can trust and every day you are astonished by what the media reports and what you hear others say. You see the cracks in the systems. Where society is…

Therapy Thursdays- Guilt

Guilt seems to be a theme this week.  In individual therapy sessions, group therapy and the collective. Guilt to do more. Guilt to say something. Guilt of the past. Guilt of privileged. Guilt from parents. Guilt from partners. Guilt from tuning out. Guilt for just about anything. Guilt weighs you down. Keeps you stuck. Keeps…