The deep

In the blue Deep dark and black Stirs the awakening Prickly and innocent Churning Empties the mind In the deep Dark Blue Night expands Twinkling glimmers of posibities Dancing Looking for a home Is it you?

The Gargoyle and the teachings of life

And there he sat. Perched at the end of my bed. Disrupting my sleep. Entering my twilight. That place between time and space, between awake and asleep, alert and rooted in reality or engaged in subconscious fantasy. Half awake, I thought I was dreaming. Maybe hallucinating. Lost in between worlds, in between keenly attentive and wrapped in imagination.


In this ever crazy world.  I have to stop. I have to be. I have to recognize: The beauty The wonder The awe The light in you-even when you push past me, cut me off, glare or any of the many ways, you may behave that puts me off, upsets me, irritates me, angers me,…