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Some day

Some day, I’ll return, some day I’ll once again sit among the tree trunks Play in the water Reflect Conjure A tearful, heart full of gratitude  I leave under the full moon Ready for ritual, magic and dreams Check out more daily post


    And where does the road lead? What path will I choose? And this coming year is all about faith. Faith in myself. My talents. My dreams. My goals. My ambitions. Others. The universe. To lean and trust the fall. check out more paths


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Eagered ecstasy  Exhilarated energy Fevered fury Check more out here


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. What does this say about fortune? Check out the daily post for more fortune


As a child, I loved snow globes. Falling into the snow. Transported into another world. My wardrobe was not a wardrobe but a glass globe filled with tiny images, water and snow. Magic exists when we create it.  When we believe in it. I choose to see the magic in everyday. What about you? Check…